THE JWCH Mission:


We are women, working to better our communities through volunteering, service projects and donations. Our primary focus is on programs and initiatives that benefit children and the welfare of special needs children and adults in our local environment.





Without the gift card donations from Junior Welfare, I wouldn't have been able to purchase much needed materials for my classroom. I am so grateful to JWHC and the community for their continued support of their public school systems!

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The purpose of Junior Welfare Club shall be to foster interest among members in the cultural, social, economic, educational and civic conditions of our community, to advance the welfare needs of special children and adults, and to make efficient our volunteer service.

Our Impact in the Community


JWCH Community Outreach

JWHC has been utilizing it's fundraising efforts to make a significant impact on the lives and education of Henderson County's youth. Each year, we supply 70+ teachers with gift cards to supplement the cost of classroom materials. Additionally, we sponsor programs like "Helping Hands" and spearhead endeavors like a prom dress drive, in order to help our students thrive.



classrooms directly impacted

Your contributions have a direct and immediate impact students in classrooms throughout the county.


Years Serving Henderson County

We're passionate about our community, and we're equally passionate about making a lasting and positive impact. 


Teachers gifted each year

Help us make this number grow by participating in fundraising events year-round.


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